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Simplicity provides the most affordable, flexible, secure, and intelligent debt collection software solution in the market. Simplicity's modernized, cloud-based interface . by Comtech Systems. (26 reviews) · View Profile. Automates and streamlines collection, administration, reporting, letter writing and accounting functions. Text Messaging (SMS) is the cutting edge in technology when sending payment reminders or debt collection notices to consumers. Text Messaging is the latest and most inexpensive augmentation to automated voice messaging campaigns, creating both a significant lift in call-backs and dramatic increase in interactive. But now there's a guaranteed way to reduce your cost to collect, and it won't cost you a dime. A simple text message costs just pennies to send, and it can save you thousands in accounting and collections costs. With our debt collection software, you're able to instantly send payment reminders to customers to help them stay.

Award winning debt collection and communication software from $ - auto dialer, predictive dialer, inbound IVR, outbound IVR, callcenter VOIP software, predictive dialer. Call center Our automated calling software will help you reach people by phone or by voice mail with personalized messages and press 1 transfers. Payment Plans and Loans Financing screens allow you to create payment plans as well as originate loans. Plus complete budget analysis and scoring expedites the loan decision. Built-in CRM System Reach debtors via web, email, mail, and text messages, and promote an efficient workflow between debtors and staff. Improve your collection rate using text messages. Text messaging allows you to communicate with debtors quickly and economically. It is faster and more reliable than email. And people pay more attention to a text than an email. It is especially useful to remind debtors of an upcoming payment date when they are on a.

Automated text messages can be sent from Collector, allowing you to send quick, short updates notifying your customers on their outstanding accounts. Even your patients will prefer it. It's less invasive, and it gets your message across without putting your patients in an uncomfortable situation. This is the way you should. Email is a faster, cheaper letter. E-commerce is the world's largest shopping mall. A CRM is a digital Rolodex. The same is true of digital forms; especially mobile data collection forms. For years teams have gathered info on paper and clipboards, then catalogued the data once they get back to the office. It works, but it's. The system would document the debtor's selections and set up the payment arrangement in the same manner as a collector would have, using their workstation. The system could be set up to automatically generate a confirmation letter to the debtor. IVR is an area that will require customization and training. Combined with.


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