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Utorrent speed 10kbps

9 Apr - 8 min - Uploaded by ★MrNiaMsTeR HOW TO SPEED UP uTORRENT From 10 KBPS To 10 MBPS WORKING % - PART 1. 17 Mar - 8 min - Uploaded by ★MrNiaMsTeR How To Speed Up Utorrent [Best Setting] Latest! How to Speed Up uTorrent yeah 10 per dl thats top i ahve done the openoffice and got my avg speed which is 70 kbps i probly can reach higher speeds but i share connection w.

I stopped the download on that file and moved to downloading other files in my queue and all of them can't seem to exceed 10kbps. I tried downloading 2 files at the same time both with over 10, seeds and one's stuck at kbps and the other is stuck at kbps. At times I've reached speeds of over. The problem I am having is that when I initially open up utorrent files download at speeds of kb/s. but after just mins my speed drops down to a combined total of 10kb/s (10kb/s for upload, and an additional 10kb/s for download). so If I am downloading 1 torrent then it will go at 10kb/s, But if I am. I've been using utorrent for almost 8 years now, and I've never seen this happen. It seems as if I've got my DL capped at 10kbps but it's set at unlimited. At my house (1 gbps speed), it was doing fine, then I added some new torrents, and it's stayed below that number except for a few moments, it will pop up to.

After applying the tweaks and speed settings my downloading speed reached at 50 kbps for few minutes then slows download 10 kbps but then it neither increase nor decreases then 10kbps. My connection type KBps broadband and my Windows is Vista. I think the problem could that cannot cannect to. Whenever I load utorrents, this line immediatly appears and shoots straight up to 25 kb/s and flatlines on that marker, never moving up or down. Ever since this started, my download speed on any of my torrents i used, most of them over kb/s now dont go over 25 kb/s, they dont usually go much lower. I'm getting about 6 kbps on utorrent download, which is equal to Mbps, and less than that on upload speeds yet my internet speed tests are 37 download and 9 upload and tests have shown that my.


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