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Iphoto for imac g5

26 Mar My logic board failed on my iMac. Apple replaced it for free and also replaced the power supply. I picked up yesterday and everything seemed to be working fine. All my emails were there, desktop was fine, etc This morning, I went to open iPhoto '08 and it will not open. The icon bounces a few times in the. 30 Oct Hi Can't find iPhoto on a used imac g5 that I have just picked up cheap. I have searched in spotlight but not found. Didn't know if it's been. 6 Jan I am using an iMac G5, Version , iPhoto '09, Version () software. I presently have over 7, photos and videos on my hard drive. I would like to use my Western Digital 'My Book' backup hard drive, GB with GB available, but I cannot find a way to import and keep my photos in the.

6 Feb As Apple continues a march toward all Intel-based computers, those hanging on to perfectly good G5 and G4 computers are left to watch features slowly bleed off.. . When I try to open iPhoto it says; The application iPhoto quit unexpectedly. Mac OS X and other applications are not affected -I have relaunched it and had reported it, but nothing has changed and it will not open. (Has every picture we have on there). Then when I try iMovie it says; the same thing - iMac. 18 Jan In our initial testing of the new iMac powered by an Intel Core Duo chip, we found that the new machines are faster than their G5-based predecessors when In tests with two iLife '06 applications—iMovie and iPhoto —we found remarkably different performance depending on what features of the programs.

31 Aug I use my G5 iMac as my photo dumping station, where it holds my + GB photo collection using iPhoto ' It took a few days to load the pictures into the iPhoto library, but now it starts up in no time at all. I also have Photoshop CS4 just in case I need to do some editing if my main desktop is being used for. iMac G5 software makes them all come to life. iPod. iMac G5 is the perfect iPod companion. Connect iPod via USB and auto-sync your iTunes music library. Digital Cameras. Connect your camera over. USB or FireWire and iMac imports your pictures to iPhoto. Automatically. You can use a media card reader the same way. Rotate a JPEG, change the brightness/contrast, resize for printing out - nothing more complex than that. Does iMac G5 running OS X come with a basic photo editor? It must do, surely? I had a quick look at iPhoto, thinking that would be the logical choice. But rather than being able to quickly load a sample.


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